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Home owners, we are here to answer your questions. is privately owned, serving homeowners since 2004.

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Buyers.. The homeowners manage their listing and provide contact info on their page.
We don't have any more info than that shown on the website.

Listing Your Home on Web Site

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Your home will be on-line continuously, your property will be viewed 
Additionally, you will have a private website, for only your home at 
You can access and edit your web space from ANY INTERNET computer, anytime, anywhere.
You can show up to 20 of your photos without you having to E-Mail them to each interested buyers.
Full Information details of the property are shown, easy to edit any time you choose.
You will be dealing with Villages Resident owners of the websites (2004) not someone in Timbukto.

No Contract! You are paying a low fee to advertise, that's it! 

The listing provides over 60 'check-off' items about details of your home, saves typing and empowers search.
We will shape-up/edit your photos and upload and we are available to answer "web oriented" questions. Edit/upload photo session are once on a 6 month ad and twice on the 12 month ad.
When you become a subscriber, we will build and activate your web space promptly.
We will issue a Login Name and Password to you so that you can enter the web space for your property.

No contracts, no paperwork, nothing to sign.

Pay on-line by Credit Card or PayPal or by check using US mail.
Selling your own property by handling negotiations, open houses etc. can save you a lot of money.

Why advertise on

VillagersFSBO doesn't sell homes, we simply provide Internet Classified Advertising.
Our site provides WEB pages for FSBO homes within The Villages®.
There aren't any agency homes on this site, so our owners are not competing with agents on this site.
Our subscriber rate is $89 for a 6 month ad or $119/year. has server the FSBO Sellers since 2004. 

Why two websites?

They serve different purposes and give our subscribers "the best of both worlds". allows viewers to see all of the listed FSBO properties so you get great exposure in the "pool" of homes without additional advertising. is the Private Showing website that allows viewers to see only your FSBO. Use the Private Showing website on flyers and for networking and newsprint advertising it's only your home. 

Any "editing" you do on the website automatically flows to the Private Showing website. 

Benefits of

Your property is visible 24 hours a day and will be viewed even without additional advertising.

Access your account to edit your web space from ANY computer connected to the internet.

Presents 20 photos of your home in a slide show without ever having to E-Mail them to prospective renters.

Advertising your FSBO home:

You need to get the word out so you need to run a small classified ad that points to your private web space; such as:

See Photos and Info at:

Becoming a subscriber

Easy Steps to Start a New Listing

1- Enter a few details about your home on our Entry Form

2- Choose the 6 month listing at $89 or the 12 month listing at $119.

3- Make your payment On-Line

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If you have a question call Don at 352-250-1139
If "no-answer" leave a message, we will call you back (we have a busy life here in our community!)

* Terms and Conditions. See Terms of Use.
* We reserve the right to change these offers at any time.


The entirety of the information that we have is in the owners ad so call or email the Owner directly to discuss the property. The Owner's contact information is on the page which describes each specific property.  We do verify home ownership on the County Property Appraisors website at the time the ad is ordered. The County Property Appraisor website is somewhat delayed, so check with the County Property Appraisors if you have concerns.
See Help & Information.

About is an independently owned advertising business.
The business is not affiliated with community developers or any agencies.
The website was founded in 2004 by local residents, Don and Marilyn.
When you call or send us an email, you are communicating directly with an owners.

A few words about Photos

You must own the photos that you submit for use on our website and must provide them as email attachments. We do not download photos from any website in order to honor any existing copyrights.

We take the time to edit every one of your photos so tipped, dark and blurred photos are improved as much as practical.  We watermark the edited photos with a copyright notice to protect our time and labor investment and reserve the right to exclusive use of the improved photos on  our websites.  
You retain the rights to your original photos.

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