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The homeowner manages their advertising content and sets their pricing. Please direct any unanswered questions about the property to the homeowner. The owner's phone number is posted on the ad and there is a "send a message" link to send an email. Other information and tips are provided below.

You can filter properties based on your selected criteria. Ads must meet ALL of your criteria to be shown. We suggest that you search for your most important criteria first. If you get too many results you can reduce the number of results by adding more criteria.

Make your selections using the drop-down menus and checklists on the search form. You do not need to make selections in "Village" or "Property Type" if you don't have a preference. Just leave them set to "Any".

To search, click the "Search" link on the Main Page or at the top of this page.

Too Many Results...How would you know that? Look at the bottom of the results page for multiple page links. There are 5 listing per page. If there are too many to view, add more selection criteria to reduce the number of homes in the results.

Tips for Communicating with Owners
Our website provides the homeowner phone number(s) as well as a "Send a Message to The Owner" email feature for your use.

SUGGESTION: Don't make a "lowball offer" by e-mail. Homeowners have told us that they discard inquiries which begin with "I'll give you $xxxx for the place" or "We are on a strict budget of $xxxx". Either of those statements will reduce the likelihood of there being any room for negotiation. Instead, spend a bit of time, have some dialog with the homeowner, ask a few questions, then if you think it's wise try to negotiate a bit.

Location of the property and surrounding Villages
Each ad includes a "Find on the Map" map link that connects to MapQuest to pinpoint the property location.  

To help you get your bearings, we provide a hand-drawn map that identifies each Village in relation to the surrounding Villages.  You can access the area map from the main page or with this link: Villages Map.

Verifying Ownership
Our website is specifically set up for homeowners who handle the negotiations, contract and fees themselves. That sometimes causes concern for buyers, so verify property ownership. Use the exact address of the property in one of the County links below to connect to the property appraisers office to satisfy your concerns.

Each County website works a little differently. We have found the best way to search is by the street address and entering the minimum amount of information. For Example: To search for "1724 Ponderosa Place", enter "1724 Ponde" in the "street" field. Abreviations throw the search off, so don't use things like Place, Pl,  Ave, St, Str , Ter, Terr etc. If you guess wrong nothing will come up.

Results matching your criteria will be shown with owner names on record with the county. Investment property may be owned by a company (typically a Limited Liability Company or "LLC"). You may want to dig deeper into the ownership of the company to get the owner's actual name.

County links:
Sumter County
Marion County
Lake County

Home Styles - the basics
The following information is provided as a courtesy to help you navigate home styles based on some common characteristics. Most home styles are found throughout The Villages® with exceptions as noted. Yes, all homes are air conditioned and heated as well!
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Manufactured homes are located in the "Historic Districts" of Orange Blosson Gardens, Silver Lake and Country Club Hills.  These are typically 2 bedrooms homes with a carport. Lots are often generous with mature trees.  

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Patio Villa

Typically these are 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom homes with a 1 car garage plus golf cart space. These a modest sized homes of about 1150sq ft. that feaure a white picket fence in front and an enclosed lanai in front or to the side.

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Courtyard Villas, Cabanas and Bungalows

These are small style homes that feature truly enclosed yards and are often mistaken for condos due to the walls that separate units.  These can be 2 or 3 bedroom homes that typically have 1 car garage plus golf cart space, although there are some with full 2 car garages. 

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Ranches and Cottages

These homes are larger than the average Patio Villa and Courtyard Villa and may be 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom or 2 bedroom with a den or office. Garage is usually 2 cars but some models have a smaller garage or a carport.  Commonly there is a lanai sitting area.

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Designers / Verandas

Generally speaking these homes are larger in terms of square footage. They may be 2 bedroom, but more often they are 3 bedrooms or 2 bedrooms with a den or office. They often feature an eat-in kitchen, a lanai with a birdcage, and a separate golf cart garage. Veranda homes have a walled in yard.

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Premier Homes

These are the largest of the home styles with 3 or 4 bedrooms.  Some include an outdoor kitchen in the enclosed lanai.  Some will feature 2.5 or 3 bathrooms and possibly 3 car garages.

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Carriage Villas

These homes are found exclusively in Spanish Springs.  They feature spanish-style architecture. Some of these homes are multi-level - a rare find in The Villages®.

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